Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Living the High Life

I try to be reasonably modest. Betcha didn't know we had a pool.

Or a boat.

And a lawn crew.

He does own shoes.

It's been so, so hot here. Today was 88 degrees. We've been outside during the early and late hours and have a canopy set up to play under. My husband put in our two window AC units today for which we are grateful.  Wilting under the heat all day is hard work, especially when one has packed on an additional 10 lbs.  Mostly it's gone to my chest and baby belly, but still. I feel like a sweaty, fat mess. My hands fall asleep constantly.  After waking up in the morning I cannot close my right hand enough to twist the top off a bottle. It just doesn't work until I've been up for about an hour. OB is blaming this on water retention but I'm not sold.


Such times make a person really, really need a drink.  If someone drank a martini in front of me I'd probably claw their eyes out at this point.  A nice, dry, ice cold, gin martini. Served up. With droplets of condensation on the side of the glass. This is not that.

The currant bush looks like it's going to be a great year. I cleaned the frozen currants out of the freezer and used a bit of rhubarb to top it off to make a pound. The drinking shrub was made with this recipe:

1/2 c sugar
1/c honey
1/4 water
1 lb fruit
1 c apple cider vinegar 

Basically you boil this all for 20 minutes then strain the fruit off. You're left with a shrub concentrate which you add a healthy splash of to a glass of carbonated water. This one is much better than doing straight rhubarb, and that one was pretty dang good too.

Looking through the phone pictures I forgot about impulse buying chicks this week. The orange ones are Millie Fleur bantams and the white one is some sort of gray and white splash hybrid that lays white eggs.  They cost less than a bottle of wine and are bunking with the quail.  quail are starting to crow, so that will need sorted out soon. The geese are still here and one of the females is now making a half-hearted  attempt to sit on a clutch of eggs. We are getting an exciting amount of asparagus  and a tiny bit of greens. The garden will be finished when this pesky heat wave breals, hopefully this weekend.

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  1. Our grandson Will refuses to wear shoes at the moment, which is OK, whilst he is at home. I could watch your gardener all day.