Friday, May 1, 2020

Mail call

It's been awhile since I've shared Postcrossing cards so here we go!

This card is fantastic and look at the stamp! Dianne wrote that she's been harvesting apples, quinces and figs. The birds got all of the grapes as usual and now they are waiting for the jujubes to ripen. She's avoiding going out much and has had to give up her ukulele meetup group.

Tarja from Finland sent this card. Tarja lives in a small town near the Russian border that is home to the largest freshwater lake in Europe.

Fred lives near Washington DC but grew up in Korea. He took this photograph in 1972. This man is constructing a traditional han-oak style building.  Each post or beam is cut in a way that allows the building to be put together without the use of any nails. This is my favorite Postcrossing card.

Dwain from Chicago lives near the tall building on the right of card. He says the city is eerily quiet and he looks foward to the day when the city returns to normal.

This came in the mail today. Vika lives in St. Petersburg, Russia. This cathedral and monastery were build from 1776-1790.

This lovely card also came today.  It was sent by a friend to celebrate May Day. Thank you! We are going to frame it.

My dad found this one in his postcard collection and gave it to me. It's a comical but probably accurate  look at our future. Putting 2 adults, 2 children and a new baby into the 10 foot Metzendorf is going to be like camping in a clown car. Oh, well. The more the merrier.


  1. I love the card from your dad. It is clearly from another time when parents didn't feel like they had to keep kids happy all the time. It looks like Mom has been visiting or shopping and Dad reads on oblivious to the chaos.

    1. Well,the kids haven't set anything on fire so things aren't *that* bad, right?