Friday, May 15, 2020

Planting day and lots of whining

This morning it was beautiful early off so after breakfast my husband went outside and fired up the tiller. 

So far today I've planted 30 tomato plants and some dalhias in the garden. If it's done raining after dinner I'll finish the tomatoes and celebrate with a shower.

Three sweet potatoes are under this stake. They were sprouting in the kitchen, so why not try.

It's rained on and off today giving us some time on the porch as well to pot up houseplants. 

I love this little arrangement of succulents.  They were all individually potted in our windows and I hope I can keep this alive. The hen and chicks were a bridal shower favor at a party of a friend of mine a couple of years ago. We are going to meet their baby girl tomorrow. 

Swiss chard and kale planted on the porch for easy picking.

That huge washtub is planted with alpine strawberries.  I did have a couple of peanut plants in there but the high winds last week killed them.

I didn't plant this, obviously,  but we are getting more morel mushrooms.  This should be a good week for them.

Homemade pizza in the oven and after that more planting weather and myself permitting. Pregnancy at 40, frankly, is ridiculous. 36 was good and 38 fine too but 40 is.... trying. I'm taking at least one nap a day, sometimes two. Feeling monstrously fat and achy all the time is no picnic either when you're only halfway through incubating a baby.  Pregnant at 40 means that your OB starts writing "geriatric pregnancy " on all of your paperwork.  It feels that way.

Pizza's ready.


  1. Productive time, I'm in my bored period of this situation, and therefore not doing too much. Glad you can get a rest in the daytime.

    1. I swing between being productive and a total sloth. These are odd times, that's for sure.