Monday, May 11, 2020


It's been spitting snow for three days now. So discouraging. By this point in the spring I usually have the vegetable garden mostly planted but this year have spent my time moving 6 flats of plants inside every night to keep them from freezing.  We haven't been outside much. This feels more like March than May. 

The bright side is we have had some fun visitors at the feeder.

A spot of sun yesterday. 

It started with this lone male Oriole.  Poor thing sat in the spitting snow eating oranges and looking cold and pathetic all weekend.  It was even more pathetic when Elyse caught him. I ran out onto the porch screaming "DROP IT!" She did and he flew off but now he is very easy to identify because some of the feathers on his head are sticking straight up. 

He has been joined by at least one other male Oriole and a female too. We've hung more orange slices on the feeders and in a nearby tree for them. 

One day I chipped the ice out of the freezer and 
 we were so bored that the kids painted "icebergs".

It looks like we'll be out of this cold snap by Wednesday hopefully. 

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  1. It's turned cold here, no snow, I never plant out before end of May, I have loads of plants in my greenhouse, just waiting.