Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Walking a field

What a gorgeous day.

Yesterday my dad and I spent the morning together for a belated Father's Day.  Dad and my husband have been building a playyard for the kids out in our yard so I've seen him every day but this was the first time we could get out when the field we wanted to walk was ready (plowed, disced and rained on). Looking for arrowheads and artifacts is something my we always did together; my mom, dad and I and my grandpa when I was younger. My dad and I still enjoy it. 
You just walk along carefully between the rows and look at what's sitting on top of the ground. It's a nice way to get outside and gives us a couple of good hours to talk. 

We did find one!

Monday, June 21, 2021

Monday morning

Last night was a long one, with a wide awake Mr. A and a miserable and teething baby P.  We all slept in.  When I went out on the porch this morning I found this,  a beautiful Rosy Maple moth. I also found that someone had dropped by our house and left a container of s'mores brownies on the porch for us.  A cup of coffee and one of those was my breakfast,  calories be damned. It was the most amazing,  lofty, chocolatey,  marshmallow-y, googey delicious treat I've ever eaten and felt like a big hug. So thank you to whomever left them.  Today is going to be a good day.


Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Well.... still here.

 Hello friends. It's been a long time since last posting, and thank you for your kind comments. Honestly, for weeks there I was just trying to keep myself together.  Then it seemed like there was nothing to say. But here we are with a fresh start. 

 Things are the same in many ways. And different in many ways. Nothing dramatic or terrible. But it's easier to get out of bed in the morning and I no longer feel like my days are a toe dip into purgatory.  The days are long and hard but there are also moments of joy. I had a much needed brunch with a friend today. There is a walk with another friend scheduled for later in the week.  When friends ask how they can help, this is what I need. Truly. 

My husband and I have been prioritizing time for ourselves since Mr. H. has been done with kindergarten.  Basically , when we can, I have an hour or 2 in the morning and then he paints in his studio after that. So.... I've downloaded this "couch to 5k" app and am at the park during the week. With earbuds in, and listening to a funny talk radio show,  I do not notice running for 2 minutes at a stretch.  Which is no chore to people like my sister who run 50 mile races. BUT.... and here it is.... I am 5 foot 6 and, wait for it..... 194 lbs. There it is. I am super fat. I blame this on Baby P., stress and too many cocktails. Trying to run, at any level, makes me a little less ashamed of that. Even if I am out there flushed and sweating and plodding around in a ballcap and sunglasses disguise. The park where I am going is right against our town "senior center ". Today I had a mutual "nod/wave" with another runner in his 70's. 

Good Lord let's change the subject. For some reason playing cards have hit me hard. There are so many decks coming out every day that are just gorgeous. I don't do magic or cardistry (yet) and only play the occasional game of solitaire but who cares.

Mail day! $20 of my "got cash for Christmas and stuck it in a Mason jar" money ordered this:

Don't get worried over the "stripper deck" on the lower right. I've learned it's the term for a deck of cards that has been cut in a specific way to be used in magic tricks, although for the life of me they all look the same. I will try to learn a trick with them to amuse the kiddos.

The kids. Baby P is *just* on the cusp of crawling and has been for days. Up on all fours, rocking back and forth, then dropping to his tummy to army crawl wherever he needs to go. There has been a lot of vaccuming. Mr. A is super polite, super sweet and very clingly. He has been enrolled in preschool for the fall. And Mr. H. has made a big mental leap since graduating kindergarten.  He just seems to see the world in a way that he didn't before. He is still deeply in love with Baby P.

The oldest 2 and I had our second sleep out of the season in the camper last night. We caught fireflies and Mr. A did not go bed until 11:30.

Honeysuckle and peonies.  The house smelled absolutely amazing. 

It's time to reinvent this blog and make it something more sustainable.  I have loved, over the past years,  being able to look back at what my little family has been up to at any given time. I'd still like to do that but no longer have the time for long posts (this one has taken an hour with interruptions). It seems like small "Facebook " type posts with a single photo might be what I am up to. It's better than silence.