Thursday, February 17, 2022


Sitting down for this project I thought "why do I let on that I'm able to fix things" but working on this sweater I realized that I'm very grateful that I can still make my children's problems better

Sunday, February 13, 2022


My 1939 Royal has been cleaned, oiled, ribboned and polished to a mirror shine with turtle wax. Instead of sticking and jamming the keys move freely. The bell still doesn't ding but I think the problem is above my skill set so we will consider it part of the machine's character. I am graduating from two fingered (am I going to jam it?) pecking to full fingers moving over the keys typing. It makes a person lightheaded with excitement to find a new hobby. 

I've been typing my Postcrossing cards at night, my grocery lists and to-do lists.

Little people have been practicing spelling.

And even smaller people are quite curious. 

I finished this book at yesterday's swim lesson, and added it to my list. The stories are all over the place with subject, form and tone but there are a couple in here that just stay with you. My next book is an  Agatha Christie, who is a new author for me. It will go well with watching Murder She Wrote as I use the treadmill at night. I've never watched this show, but remember seeing it growing up. I can't figure out if Angela Lansbury is supposed to be 40 or 60. 

I've discovered the tea swapping chain on the Postcrossing forum. The center one arrived from Northern Ireland ( avocado ?) and the other two from Canada. 

It ook the kids sled riding last weekend on a warm day. Mr. A had never been before and Mr. H not on a big hill. It was so much fun. The three of us had a blast and were the last family to leave. It is behind Mr. H's old school, above the cemetery. It will sound morbid but I would really love to be buried here eventually. It is a place that is often still very much a part of living.

Our classes used to sled ride here for recess when i was little. The tube sleds really shot over the snow, even with my fat butt riding with Mr. A.

Here is the French Onion soup.

It was delicious. I accidentally ordered 2 bags of onioms from grocery pickup this week not one so we are going to be making it again.

Obligatory baby shot.

Mr. H. has tomorrow off from school and it is Valentine's day. We are going to eat cupcakes and tap our Maple trees for sap.