Thursday, June 4, 2020

The past week

Here is a bit of what's been going on.

My frined L sent me some pictures of wonderfully decorated focaccia breads on Pinterest awhile back and today I made a trial run. Here are asparagus,  onions, radish, calendula and some greens all from the garden.  It was so much fun and I could see us having this with cheese and fruit for a lunch.

We have wrens building a nest in the tiny camper that M gave me. It's adorable and I hope we see babies. 

I started a bullet journal after seeing a bunch of examples on Pinterest.  People call them "habit trackers" but to me they seem like sticker task charts for grown ups. It's mindless fun and helpful too. Here are some pages from mine:

When a book is finished I will color one in and write the title.

Here is my daily mental health list.

Book suggestions for boredom. 

I'll label and color a flag when I finish a project. 
This type of journal is fun and clears my mind. There are also pages for trips and long term goals. 

Here are some plants:

Fell in love with this unusual and fragrant orchid at Lowes and had to have it. It's in a hanging basket and in the shade of the porch. Fingers crossed because I love it.

Irises from my mom are blooming.

The peanut plants are doing great in pots and since we still haven't figured out how to deer proof them they may all be grown on the porch.

Here's a random picture of Bee, sad because the table has been cleared.

These two little roosters are bunking at my dad's until I get the male quail sorted out as they were picking on them.  The little guy was thrilled to ride in the car with all the chirping.  "Bebe chicks!" he exclaimed. 

The new house beer. Busch non-alcoholic.  It tastes awful. 

Tulips and a taxidermy skunk.

That's about it. Lots of playing outside, housework and the usual routine. Considering all of the terrible things going on in the country right now, boring is good. 

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  1. We have so much time on our hands, so we get to do things we never considered before, love your journal. Normal family life is good, we watch America and feel for everyone, so many good people shake their heads and say this is not us. Take care, stay safe.