Saturday, June 20, 2020

Lake time, a very good meal and eggs set!

The oldest and I spent the morning at Pymatuning,  just the two of us. It was just wonderful to spend time out together.  

  The weather was perfect and for the first time I can remember, ever, the water was clear as glass even up to my waist. We played in the sand and spent most of the time wading around in the sun. 

We had some trouble leaving of course but he was such a great little guy. I can't believe how much he's grown. Afterward we met Papa for lunch at the little restaurant where Papa's friend is a waitress.  It was the first time the oldest has been in a restaurant in about 4 months. Later in the afternoon we went back to Papa's house where he had picked up a box of plastic animals for the little guys at a sale. They were a hit.

Dinner was awesome.  It looks like a head on my plate but that's a small 0chicken breast.  Or in this case, rooster breast. People say the meanest roosters are the tastiest and boy was this one ever. Here is the recipe we used;

I'm not too good at reading directions in advance so the chicken wasn't marinated,  my husband basted the marinade on as he grilled. And apparently I got the wrong kind of couscous. But it was a big hit and definitely a "make again".

Here are 37 quail eggs in the incubator.  I want to remember that this is day 1 of incubation so we are looking at a hatch date of  July 8th. We don't need more birds but I'm bored and it's fun. 

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