Friday, June 12, 2020

Waiting and the week in review.

It's been announced that my OB is running 20 minutes behind. In doctor office speak that probably means 45 minutes so here I am blogging while waiting to discuss my "geriatric pregnancy ".  We are here to review my ultrasound results and the fact that I still can't use my right hand most days. Typing is fine but it is difficult to close my hand to use things like a pen or toothbrush.  Plus the numbness. 
A pregnancy perk are these new sandals bought yesterday as my feet have ballooned to a Peggy Hill size 11. They aren't something I'd normally wear but they were on sale and the colors are fun and make me happy. And they're really comfy.  

So.. the week. It was busy. We had another dumptruck load of gravel delivered for the driveway and also picked up a trailer load of mulch. The place looks really nice.

Here is the front of the house.

Here are the rest of the peanut plants around the side of the porch. We used all of the mulch and probably need to get another scoop.

I went fishing for the first time this season with my dad and his lady friend on I think Tuesday.  We went to the watershed in Atlantic where the husband and I found Bee as a kitten years ago. It's really quiet and beautiful out there. With my numb and cramping hand, casting and holding my rod and reel was a real picnic but it was a great time.

Good thing my "sexy shoes" still fit. 

It was a very good morning. I took home 14 really nice sized sunfish. I also caught two bass but they weren't in season yet.


Most of my luck was in this overflow area where I was catching something 9 out of 10 casts. Mostly they were small but there were some good sized ones and it was fun.

Here are some beer battered for dinner the next day. My inlaws surprised us with an air fryer which made really good sweet potato fries. 

Speaking of frying, there were 2 days this week when the temperature got up to 93 degrees.  The oldest and I chose one of those days to fry doughnuts as we were stuck inside.

They were a treat.

This bantam pair got listed on craigslist. 

And the quail all got vent sexed and separated.  I butchered 9 males and they are in the freezer.

There were helpers for the carrying part.

Here are some of the ladies with a "keeper" male on the right..  I LOVE these feather patterns. 

I think the next post will be just flower pictures.  

.... just got shuffled through my Dr. visit with a new OB.... possibly the least personable doctor ever. She said it sounds like classic carpel tunnel syndrome and I should go see an orthopedist for steroid injections.  

Going to get lunch by myself and eat something I did not have to cook or clean up after. Possibly the Greek place. Cheers!


  1. ...and carpal tunnel can flare up during pregnancy. I fought it then. I sew and embroider full-time. It calmed down after birth. If you can bear waiting, it may be worth it.


    1. Thank you for sharing. I'm only on week 22 so it looks to be a phone call worth making for a consultation anyway. It really is interfering with things like driving.

  2. What? There's a Greek place? I am so glad you treat yourself to an adult lunch time when you can.

    I was just counting pizza shops in our little town - at least 6. But no Thai or Indian food unless we cook it ourselves.

    1. ... or unless we band together an open one! Just joking.
      I've been a terrible friend that you didn't know about the Greek place! It's wonderful, I'll email you.