Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Good tomato soup recipe?

All summer I didn't can a single thing. We just threw all of the extra ripe tomatoes straight into the freezer and now we can't fit ANYTHING else in there. Not even a pint of ice cream. It's really sad. 

 We all like tomato soup very much and since Aldi apparently discontinued our regular can of organic tomato basil soup I've been trying (unsuccessful) to replicate it.

The first attempt was a roasted tomato and pepper soup from The Art of Doing Stuff. I LOVE her blog. It turned out wonderfully as far as the husband and I were concerned but was too spicy for the kids.

Tonight I tried a recipe from Allrecipes that had really, really good ratings.  You basically simmered tomatoes in chicken stock with some cloves.  I added some basil and oregano too.

It looked very promising on the stove.

But it's way too acidic.  Or to quote the oldest: "YUCK! You made it wrong! Our tomatoes are disgusting forever!"  Thanks, little buddy. This was after I added cream to try to even it out. Oh well. 

So back to the drawing board.  Anyone have a good recipe for a balanced soup using fresh tomatoes?


  1. We use our frozen tomatoes in soup, but as the base, I love adding butternut squash, but you can add anything.

    1. That's a really good point. Maybe a creamy squash soup with tomato would be good.