Wednesday, October 23, 2019

I always heard...

That being a stay-at-home mom involved going to the gym and something about enjoying bon-bons.  No one mentioned fishing a roll of toilet paper and a stegosaurus out of the toilet.  Happy Wednesday. 


  1. I have a hard fast rule to never read a novel that has a picture of a young girl in a bonnet of any kind on the front cover. Now it is going to have to extend to blogs with pictures of the inside of the toilet. Sorry. I know there is nothing gross in there, but my mind goes other places.

    1. Take some comfort in that in the 3 years I've been blogging this is the first and last time a post will highlight a toilet. Also, those cheesy romance novels with bonnets on the front are excellent mindless bathtub reads. I get made fun of a lot of for that.

  2. Good thing he doesn't know how to flush.

  3. Just wait. One child broke the garage door. The other broke the outdoor faucet (which did not have an emergency shut-off until the $500 repair.

    They can also be caring and wise. Sitting with a sad friend and hugging them, while the other kids run around and play. Knowing that they do not need things to make them special, because God already made them special.

  4. What a priceless picture! I could see it as a greeting card. I wonder what the card would say. Hmmmmm....