Friday, October 18, 2019

Working on being a good citizen

I really need to work on posting more.  The lack of daylight has really left me in kind of a slump. Not getting back to friends, putting things off, going to bed early.  It will turn around.

The oldest and I have dedicated Fridays to working on being a good citizen.  He's 4, prone to unpredictable behavior and trying his best. So every Friday I try to take him and the little one out and expose him to situations where he'll have to act well but is in an environment to set him up for success.

Today was the library, just the 2 of us which was really nice.  We played together, read together and no one swore in public.

Here are the books we borrowed so I can remember what we need to take back.

Usually it's a trip to a fast food place for lunch where we work on orders, waiting in line and being a good customer. Then on to the local coffee shop.

Where we take turns, pick up after ourselves, order drinks and sit at the "bar" to watch the volunteers make coffee.

These are fun days and we all enjoy them.


  1. His teachers will never know how much you have worked to help him through this. So allow me to say Thank YOU on their behalf.

    1. Thanks. It's getting much easier. It's hard being little.

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