Monday, October 7, 2019

Fall decorating, a missing cat?

I've finished decorating for Fall, inside and out.  Here's the front porch this afternoon.

Inside on the kids' bookshelf.

A basket of quince (thanks, friend N!) along with a handful of carved marble fruit collected over the years. The basket is set on top of a stack of Fall reading (The Birds, The Legend of Sleep Hollow, Grimm's Fairy Tales and The Hounds of Baskervilles).

Vintage picnic baskets stacked in the dining room for color.  I don't know if they'll stay but for now the top one is holding the kitchen and dining room linens which is convenient.

New pillow and a silk quilt (L's handiwork!)

Another pillow on the sofa.

This blanket my mom made circa 1980.

The curiosity cabinet, as usual.

Fall bunting outside. I remember the winter one was worn out and tossed last year so I'll have to make another one when we're ready.


A pumpkin and an antler found in the shed when we moved in.

Beside the door; a pig skull (one of the first I cleaned, it turned out poorly)  The pot is full of paw paw seedlings planted in the spring.  I've read they take forever to sprout and they did.  After all summer they are only about 4 inches tall.  They will need to be planted somewhere protected for the winter.

Here's the front porch again. Are the skulls too much? Considering that the neighbor displays not one but TWO actual caskets in her lawn, and doesn't take them down until past New Year's I'd say "no".

So... very worrisome, I can't find Elyse*.  She is usually on the porch in the evening, ready for dinner and then scratching at the door later in the night ready to be let in to find a soft bed.  She didn't come home last night but the weather was cold and it was pouring so I assumed that she had hunkered down somewhere and would be around come morning.  She hasn't.  

Elyse is kind of a delicate flower. not known for her street smarts.

So, I'm getting worried.  If she doesn't come around tonight I'll go around knocking on neighbors' doors tomorrow and put the shelter on notice.  I hope she shows up tonight and was just shut in a neighbors' garage or shed something.  

*ok, she just showed up on the porch acting oddly quiet and covered in burrs but seems uninjured. Thank god.  She ate but is refusing to come in the house. I have no idea where she's been up to or what might be wrong but will keep an eye on her.


  1. So glad she came home, when our's went missing for 11 days I went mad with worry. Love your decorations.

  2. I bet those quince smell amazing, my tree was quince-less this year (again). As for the cat we keep thinking of getting one or two. I think the place could benefit from them.

    1. Our place absolutely has less rodents now that the cats go out during the day. There is a huge noticable improvement.

  3. Love all the decorations! And I'm glad the kitty came back.