Sunday, December 9, 2018

Happy adoption anniversary Elyse

Happy adoption anniversary to Elyse, brought home from the shelter 4 years ago this month.  The cause of her adoption was two-fold; 1) she was a birthday gift for me and 2) when Bee's elderly friend Moses was put to sleep Bee went crazy for awhile.  They had been pals since she was a tiny kitten and she absolutely lost her poor little mind with sadness when he died.  We agreed the best thing to do was find her another friend.

Elyse was not adopted for her personality, it was on account of her adorable little perfect mustache. She is so shy and afraid of everything that my husband had to retrieve her from under a piece of furniture so we could adopt her.  When we went to pay the fee to bust her out of the shelter we were told that it had already been paid anonymously so we passed on the kindness by paying the next cat's adoption fees.   We brought her home and she wedged herself under the dryer and hid in the basement for a solid week.

She and Bee became best friends and partners in crime.

She's a total klutz.  She did catch that fish once with her paw but then panicked and fell over backwards.
I have personally witnessed this cat fall off of a pillow.  And fall off the side of the bath tub.

 She's never really gotten her adult voice and still talks in kitten squeak. She's terrified of everything, demanding, sweetly adorable and totally our problem now.

Happy adoption anniversary.


  1. Lovely post, I love having two cats, we got Grace because our cat Thomas was so upset when his brother went, and the we got Purdy after Thomas went, always two cats.

    1. We are SO hoping that this pair stick it out together. Bee is 8 and we hope they both have many years to go.

  2. What a sweet pair! We have three barn cats, who have lots of warm hay to sleep in and two big dogs to cuddle with, that I love dearly.