Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Hello December

Hello, December.  Everyone is starting to get ready for Christmas including this turkey decoy in my parents front lawn that was put out for Thanksgiving.  I made it a tiny Santa hat and scarf and dressed it as a joke.  It was noticed immediately.  

I had the bright idea to make all of our Christmas tree decorations this year as things that would be edible for wild birds; then on the 26th we could put the tree outside and let the birds enjoy it.  "Bright idea" because the oldest is really not into it at all.  Here we are making seeded pine cones.  He just wanted to eat the peanut butter and play with construction equipment.

So far we have a total of 5 ornaments made.  We left them out on the counter to make sure the cats wouldn't try to eat them and so far they've been ignored.

We had a really nice surprise this weekend - a day with the temperature close to 60 degrees.  We all spent the day outside.

My husband worked in the yard, the baby hung out in the stroller and he oldest and I planted every one of these bulbs purchased on clearance.  Around the garage, in the flower bed, around the front of the house and around a maple tree in the side yard.  We can't wait to see how it looks come spring.

Planted up some amaryllis bulbs for the house.

Purchased our gifts for the Salvation Army tree.  Husband and I have decided to do this in lieu of gifts for each other.  I chose two little girls to buy for.  It was fun picking out Doc McStuffin toys and barbies.  I need to drop the gifts off at the library today.

Dropped some books off at the Little Free Library at the township building this week.  The oldest was amazed by the "tiniest library".  He picked out two books.

This dragon book cracks me up and I insist on reading it every day.   It's about a little dragon who is excited to breathe fire on his birthday but the unexpected happens. 

Possibly the funniest thing ever written.

I got an early Birthday gift of sorts.  This was a woods find in perfect condition.  It got scrubbed last night and will start on a peroxide bath tonight to whiten and disinfect it.  This buck must have been absolutely beautiful.  I'm thinking of actually getting a plaque and trying to do a European mount.  Unless we can find the lower mandibles in which case I'll just display it.  Thrilled to have this, it's such a beauty.  I love skull collecting for all of the things I end up learning.  Somehow had gone my entire life without realizing deer have no upper incisors.   If the mandibles show up I can also try to figure out how old this guy was when he died.

Promise not to stick a red nose on it, but not gonna lie, the thought had occurred to me.

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  1. Sounds a fun week, we are getting gifts for people in hospital. Plus we have donated to the local Christmas lunch for the elderly, hubby could go to that one but won't. We will look out for any other collections in the village.