Saturday, December 15, 2018

A Friday walk

We had a blessing of a day today.  It was unseasonably warm and the sun was out for once.  It was just beautiful.  I was really excited to be able to walk into town for yoga.  It's not far from our home; only 1.5 miles but I walked to my in-laws after so that put me at a solid 2.

I love the small things you find on foot.

Being barked at by an elderly Beagle.

Walking through a neighborhood where someone was apparently smoking pot.  Not just a little whiff either, it was right on main street and honest to God it smelled like someone lit a bale on fire. I don't know why this struck me as funny.

Wind chimes on a quiet street.

A package left by the postman at the door of a house that must have been a mansion in its day.  But the house is shuttered and has been abandoned for years.  The box was just sitting there forlornly.  It made me sad to think it might have been a Christmas gift never received.  

The Catholic school where I went to kindergarten, fallen into disrepair.

The RCA dog sitting in the window of the Historical Society that I've never noticed before.

A joining of two rivers.

Main Street was a stunner back in the early and mid 1900's.

An old mural exposed by a fire.

This sign posted in a front yard.  It reads "No matter where you are from, we're glad you're our neighbor".  A bright light in these times.

The train museum downtown.  "Stop, look and listen" is good advice for any time.  

I hope to take more of these Friday walks to yoga class and maybe Wednesdays as well.  It was a welcome time to shake off the dust and settle my mind.

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  1. Oh that walk. So happy so sad. My own Catholic school in Chicago is now a Health Center of sorts. At least it's still in use. What strong observational skills you have! So loved this post.