Monday, November 26, 2018

A day in pictures

Today was the first day of deer season. I didn't go, would have loved to but we don't really have anywhere to hunt anymore and it rained anyway.  I will miss the meat in the freezer. Venison dry aged and cooked rare is one of the most heavenly meals to be had.  I've been thinking of learning archery so I can hunt here.  We have 5 acres but are surrounded by houses and safety zones.  You can't buy wild game so my only options are aparently archery, hand to hand combat or hitting one with the car.  We really do like venison.

It rained all day. We played indoors.

Even Bee spent the day inside.

When Halloween costumes were discounted 90% I picked up some play outfits for the oldest for $1.50 each. Today he was a Ninja Turtle.

We were given this little ice cream maker last summer; you fill the inner container with the ingredients and the outer container with salt and ice. Then you just roll it around for awhile.

It was the first time we've played with it. It was really fun!

Jamie Oliver Maryland Chicken for dinner.  We didn't have frozen corn so I used the Gruffalo squash from the weekend.

Reading the littlest a bedtime story. 

I finally finished reading A Walk in the Woods and need to find another book to occupy myself in the evenings. Or a craft project.  There are only so many times one can polish one's toenails.  It's difficult to get used to it getting dark so early, it seems like the evenings stretch on forever.

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  1. I love the long dark evening, when we can shut the blinds and enjoy cosy time together. It helps I am doing a huge ripple blanket.