Friday, November 16, 2018

Snow day

Well, that happened quickly.  It was sleeting with frozen rain last night and we woke up to a world covered in snow.

It was beautifully quiet and still when I went out to open the poultry coops.

It always amuses me that the first-year birds explode out from the coop and into the snow like nothing has changed.  Then they panic because WHAT IS ALL OF THIS WHITE STUFF???  Like the snow is on fire.

While the more seasoned birds (Nigel and his ladies) have learned that if the ground and ramp are covered with snow they can expect full room service; grains, leftover house food and fresh water delivered right to the coop.

Inside the house, the oldest was beside himself with excitement when he saw the snow.  He wanted to play and sled. I promised him that we had some things to do today (like finding his snow pants and his little brother's snow suit) but that I would bring some snow inside for him to play with.  He was thrilled.

He also demanded doughnuts for breakfast.  I am very, very lucky to have a kid that thinks "doughnuts' means toasts with sprinkles and the centers cut out. 

The grey car was being inspected so we took my husband to work today and went to Wal-Mart to buy the oldest snow boots.  It was my first time taking both kiddos into a store by myself: 3 year old and a 4 month old.  Talk about stressful.  It was kind of like walking on a thin layer of ice perched above the gates of hell.  Proceed with extreme caution. But the smallest one slept through most of it and the oldest was intrigued enough by the prospect of new boots to be a polite citizen.

Then we got the call that the CRV was ready.  The cost was a bit staggering (it needed new brakes among other things, along with the inspection and oil change) but we went to the bank to grab some cash and then drove down to the garage.  I feel very blessed that our mechanic is a multi-generation family friend  - he's just such a wonderful and kind gentleman my dad's age who has always given me the best service at a very, very economical price - especially when I was poor and in college - he's always tried to help out.   His father worked on my grandfather's cars.  I know nothing about cars and it's a huge blessing to know that this gentleman will do right by me.  Like having a family member for a mechanic; I kind of shrug my shoulders when he tells me what he needs to do.  I trust his judgement that the work needs done and it will make my ride safe at minimal costs. It's wonderful..

Th eldest is obsessed with all things mechanical so I asked if we could drop off the payment and look around the garage (as opposed to just dropping a check off in a mail slot and picking up the car after hours, honor system style).  It was a really sweet, fun visit.; the oldest went nuts with the excitement of being in a real, actual garage "mama! there are wrenches!! right here!!!"  The owner and I visited for awhile.  It was really nice.

We came home and I brought a couple of trays of snow inside for him to play with.  Then we went upstairs and dug out everyone's winter play clothes; snow suits, winter pants, hats.  Everyone was very excited.

Then we went to pick my husband up from work and both kiddos fell asleep.  The youngest woke up an hour ago but the oldest is out for the count. At 4:30.  We can't wake him up.  Someone is in for a looooong night.  

Still asleep beside me on the couch.  Coat on.  No amount of shaking will rouse him.

Dinner tonight was a homemade cream of chicken soup: carrots, celery, parsnips, onion with chicken, chicken stock, half & half and  pepper and thyme.  Put into the crock pot before we picked my husband up from work.  Homemade pasta on top.  Homemade biscuits.  

This guy.  I feel terrible. It's supposed to warm up the next couple of days.  If he wakes up in the middle of the night demanding to go sledding, I will totally do it.