Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The big snow, books

We had a heck of an early-season cold snap hit us.

The chickens stayed in along with the cats but the ducks and geese are loving it.  The cats and chickens were like " there is no treat on earth that will make us go out there."  We got probably 4 inches of snow and some ice.

Ducks don't care.

Here is the house yesterday.

A tree in the old orchard.

Inside we have the an orchid that I bought at Aldi in the spring that is re-blooming wonderfully and an amaryllis bought at Wal-mart that is supposed to be a double white blossom. 

Ninja kicking the icecicles of the car this morning.  They have new boots but I cannot find winter clothes anywhere.  

So last night I brought a tray of snow inside for them to play in.  I've looked everywhere.  They both have snow pants at the very least packed away but I've searched every corner of the house.

Last night I finished this book.  We had seen the movie years ago and I knew Tom killed Dickie  and took over his identity halfway through it but didn't remember anything else.  Patricia Highsmith wrote it in the 50's along with The Price of Salt (also amazing) Strangers on a Train (will order).  Like The Price of Salt this is an intoxicating book that draws you right in.  I know, I know, that Tom Ripley murders two people during the course of the pages for nothing but self-serving reasons but I couldn't help but root for him, heart in my throat, until the final page.  That's some good writing.

This is my next book.  I'm reading this with a friend and have never heard of the author or have any idea what it's about except the horror of receiving it in the mail and realizing it was nearly 500 pages. 


  1. There are more Tom Ripley books, I love them all. :)

    They are - Ripley Under Ground, Ripley's Game, The Boy Who Followed Ripley, and Ripley Under Water.

    There is also a second Ripley movie where John Malkovich plays Tom Ripley.

    It was 88.7F here on the South Coast of NSW Australia today, about perfect for me. I like it warm. :)

    1. Thanks! I can't decide if I want to read them or leave Tom alone in my mind where we left off. It is really good writing though.
      Wish we had your warm weather!

  2. Just rain in UK, nice to see your boys playing with the snow. I'm with the cats and chickens and would stay inside.