Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Garden planning, Thanksgiving prep, rats?

The seed catalogs have started arriving for spring already.   I went through the crisper drawer and sorted what we already have so when it's time to order hopefully the tab won't be too high.  Things have to change with the garden.   I say that every year but between the weather and neglect the garden was a disaster this year.  We really enjoy soft fruit and the kids eat them as fast as they can ripen.  Maybe 2020 will be a year of making a raspberry bed and another alpine strawberry planing.  We really loved those strawberries the years we had them.  Such a great reward for so little work. 

The asparagus bed needs to be moved along with the rhubarb.  They were fine where they were when planted years but are now mostly shaded unfortunately,

In other news, need to bake a pumpkin today and make a grocery list for Thanksgiving.  I'm making the family rum cake, a chocolate bunt cake and pumpkin pie.  Also for Sunday another two cakes and a big batch of shrimp bisque.

I am pretty sure we have rats digging under the chicken coop and will set up the game camera tonight.  How do you get rid of rats?  Probably we will just have to move.  Or dynamite.  That's an option too, 

Also that Ebay user from the other day has continued what I'm considering harassment at this point.  It's fun.  

So here are the seeds we have.  Forgive the typos, this is just for my records.  Anything in blue is something that will need to be purchased.

Lettuce: black seeded simpson, iceberg, mix of reds and speckled leaves
Kales: scarlet, dinosaur, dwarf curled, blue dwarf curled
Other greens: orach, spinach, rainbow swiss chard,
Herbs: cilantro, parsley, basil (green & purple), sage, rosemary, thyme
Summer squash: zucchini, yellow crookneck
Winter squash: butternut, long island cheese, acorn, jumbo pink banana, jarrahdale, australian butter, 2 bags of unknowns collected
Root crops: radish mix, danvers carrots, colored carrot mix, parsnip
Climbing things: shelling peas (little marvel, alaska) snow peas (oregon sugar, french snow pea), cucumber
Beans: mix of bush beans
Tomato:beefsteak, yellow brandywine, black brandywine, hillbilly potato leaf, striped roman, celebration, plum lemon, something pink, something blue
Pepper: sweet banana, thai chili, marconi red, king of the north
Other stuff: broccoli raab, groundcherries


  1. We set poison traps, sounds cruel, but it's the only way to get rid of rats. The modern traps allow the rats in and no poison leaking out.

    1. I was wondering how you handled it, thanks for sharing.