Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Critters, brooders & getting old

First, the tracks in the snow?  Both friends and foes showed up on the game camera. 

WHAT! We have never seen a trace of a fox here, but here he is. Mr. Red Fox. Public enemy #1.

More varmints.

It's getting to spring which means we are knee deep in bunnies.  Cute, fuzzy bunnies.  They look like demon bunnies with glowing devil eyes in this picture.

Deer.  This one looks like a shaggy bison.

What else has been going on... I went to the annual game dinner at the local Elk's club on Saturday.  It was a great time although none of us won anything.  Because I was the only female hanging out with a bunch of dudes including my uncle and dad, I was careful to monitor my language.  No jokes containing the words "rack" "mount" or "meat".  I did NOT say things like "this tastes just like bald eagle" etc.  A person needs to act like they have some self-restraint.  Although when my uncle from out of town asked where the club got all the wild meat from I DID say, totally straight faced, "I think they have an agreement with PENN DOT. That's where most of it comes from." and then I went back to sipping my drink.

Anyway. what else.  Cleaned out the garage to set up the brooders.  Finished the whole garage and then bent down to pick up a near empty bag of layer mash that might have weighed all of 10 lbs.  And killed my back.  I couldn't move from that position for several minutes and wondered if I was going to have to call my husband from the garage to come rescue me.  Was completely lamed up for nearly 48 hours.  Apparently 37 is not only middle aged, but in fact OLD.  Old, old old.  Dinosaur old.

Got a brooder set up for quail - I need to make a call when I'm done here but I'm planning on picking up 25 day-olds tomorrow.  Half jumbo brown and half Texas A&M.

Also set up a brooder for meat chickens.  The TSC here still has not had any come in and I'm getting behind schedule.  It might take a drive but I need to find some for the brooder ASAP.  

None of the seeds I planted the week of the 10th have germinated.  None.  Zero. No idea what the problem is but it occurred to me that the bulbs they are under might be getting old and losing their oomph?  

So, upward and onward.  It's going to be a good week.  


  1. Well I'm 33 and feel pretty old most of the time, my knees slow me up and back constantly aches! Never mind though! Love the game cam, I could do with one!

  2. I think 33 was when I started making noises when I got up from gardening :( it's all downhill apparently.
    I can't tell you how much I love this game camera. It's a really fun was to spy on wildlife I don't get to see during the daytime.

  3. You're still a spring chicken to me. And always will be. L

  4. Awww. Thanks Lynn. You too! ((hugs))