Thursday, March 23, 2017

The quail are here!

We took a short drive to visit Lisk's Heritage Farm in Linesville, PA yesterday.  I found them through the their ad on Craigslist and I'm so glad I did. Very nice people and beautiful birds.  I purchased 25 and she put some extras in the box (thank you!) so I think I counted 28 when I got home.  They move really, really fast.

I got a mix of  coturnix quail - half jumbo brown and half Texas A&M.  The browns have the stripes and the A&Ms have those cute dots on their heads.  Good thing birds get less cute as they get bigger because these little guys are off the charts adorable.  The plan is to grow them out in the quail tractor, put most of them in the freezer and keep a small covey for eggs and entertainment.

They are a day old here, look how tiny!

That little one sleeping cracks me up.

I took a short video so you can see them popping around.


  1. I used to keep some quails but they have death wishes (worse than sheep!) I remember hatching dome out and loosing the lot as they can fly really early on.

    1. They do fly in a big arc; much, much further than you would think such a small bird could. I kept mine in a rabbit hutch previously but have a low, covered quail tractor for this year.