Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Duck egg pierogies, Ohio Farm Girl

The first duck eggs arrived today, narrow ivory colored ovals.  Possibly they came from one of the runner ducks.  I say "they" and not "it" because I found two - one in the middle of the poultry yard and another hidden in a far corner.  I don't know why but after having ducks for four years the eggs still seem magical to me.  Especially the first ones of the season.  Maybe it's because of their reputation for being so great for baking - bigger yolks, higher fat, whiter whites. They just seem special, something to be cherished when cooking.  My enthusiasm only dampens slightly over the season when each lady duck is gifting an egg per day, every day.  That quickly adds up to be a lotta eggs.

Honestly, if you're looking for great eggs for your home - please consider getting ducks.  Ohio Farm Girl once told me that they were "bomb proof" and it's true.  Easy keepers, sky high producers, joyous and entertaining.  They make me smile every time I look at them waddling around the yard.  Huge eggs every single day.  The eggs taste like eggs.  I can't tell the difference.

(Incidentally, if anyone knows OFG in real life please tell her "hello" and give her a big hug for me.  I think about her often because she was a huge influence in what I do here.   She and Nicholas and Nibbles are missed and I hope they're doing well.  I hope when everyone settles into the Land of No Winter she decides to pick up blogging again.)

I try to make something special to celebrate the first eggs, usually pasta, but this year I decided I'd try my hand at making pierogies from scratch.  After reading a couple of recipes I decided to just wing it.  The dough is very loosely based on this.  I just chucked things into the mixer until the dough looked right.  The filling is shallot, cheese, bacon and potato.

Ready to be boiled.

After a quick fry in butter.

They were delicious.  Or, as my little man would say "dish-us".  I cooked up 18 tonight and there is dough and filling in the fridge for many, many, more.  Probably I will make them up tomorrow and freeze them.  


  1. I love duck eggs! I think they are richer, thicker, stand up better. And I never get tired of watching a new mommy duck with her babies. Nice pierogies!

    1. Thanks Donna! I wish more people would be open to trying them, they are perfect.

  2. We used to have ducks growing up. I remember the eggs being great but man did they make a muddy mess everywhere!

    1. They are very enthusiastic about dirt and puddles that's for sure.