Monday, August 26, 2019

Finding our days

My dear husband has gone back to work after the summer.  The days have gotten longer and we miss him very much. Here's a bit of how the kids and I have been filling our time. 

Drinking coffee and playing checkers downtown. We'll probably do this once a week.

We've been playing in the camper every day.

Today we took a picnic lunch out there and sat around the little dinette eating our turkey sandwiches and chips.  Happily they will both play in there for hours. 

Going to the library.  This awesome chicken coop is out of a Jan Brett book.  We'll try the library once a week as well. The oldest was the oldest kid in the play group last week and kept calling all of the female toddlers " little lady".  As in "Hey, little lady! Look at this book!". It was hilarious. 

We went to to lake today. It ended up being an epic disaster. One for the record books, really. There was much screaming and crying when we (eventually... oh, eventually) left, and the whole way home.

Playing in the yard.  Here he's constructing a beaver dam out of sticks and mud in the wading pool. After several days it was really a stinky, hellish mess. Oh well.

We're all getting into a new routine.  It's going to take awhile.

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