Monday, August 5, 2019

Cutting boards

Before my grandparents' farm house was auctioned I helped myself to the two wooden cutting boards in the island cabinet.  I'm positive Grandpa made them as I can't imagine a man who cut his finger off with a table saw to save me a few bucks would have purchased them new or even second-hand.  They are beautiful but they hadn't been cleaned in, well, years probably.  Soap and water just wasn't cutting the years' worth of accumulation of grease and whatnot that was so thick that you could scrape it.  So they got stashed in a cupboard here until this week when I got tired of chopping vegetables on plastic and decided to do something about it.

I pulled out the big guns: the steel wool Brillo pads embedded with soap.  When the boards were good and wet and the gunk loosened I scraped them hard with a bench scraper taking off all of the yuck along with some of the wood.  

Look at how pretty they are.  I love to think of all of the years' of Sunday meals being prepared on these.

They probably should be sealed with some kind of food grade oil.  

So here are all of our cutting boards.  The largest is for making homemade pizza and pasta.  The smallest one (Ohio) is mainly used for cutting the tops off of popsicles.  Now that they're out on the counter and not out of sight they do get used more.  I'm thinking of some kind of rack to hold them... maybe like one for dishes?  Does anyone know more about taking care of wood in the kitchen?

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