Saturday, August 31, 2019

Fair day

One of our best friends invited us to the Canfield fair today. I was excited as the husband is out of town and we were looking for something to do. Plus it's the largest county fair in Ohio, absolutely huge and I'd never been to it.  She was such a blessing helping with the kids and they adore her.

We saw ponies and draft horses.

Sebastapol geese.

Magpie ducks.


Touched toes to wool.

Made new friends.

Checked out the rides.  The oldest was obsessed with the idea but was only tall enough for the "Twirling Dragons".

Which brought him much joy and me nausea.

Ladies a-milking. Boy, this scene looks familiar for some reason.

There was also fair food.  The baby ate an entire corn dog, plus fries.  I don't know where he puts it

They've just now gone to bed.  The oldest fake snoring, causing the youngest to imitate him, causing all of us to laugh uncontrollably. 

It was a wonderful day.

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