Monday, June 4, 2018

Happy quail

We've had rain and summer storms here over the last couple of days and the quail pen was looking pretty sad.  When the poor quail wanted to use their sun room it was nothing but mud.  So I found a bag of sand in the garage and put about an inch of it down.  Quick fix and happy quail!

They're all puffed up from dust bathing.  These little birds are so much fun.

More dust baths.  I think I have 5 hens and a rooster out there total.  That's the rooster to the left, he has a pretty orange breast.  Not as bright as a robin, but a rust color. 

I also planted kale transplants in there.  Kale is pretty sturdy and I hope these can grow and provide shade, nibbles and bugs for the birds. or the quail will just squash them. We'll see.

Of course, happy birds lay lots of eggs.  This is a handful of the ones from the refrigerator.  They lay all sorts of lovely patterns. 

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