Thursday, June 21, 2018

Craft! DIY air plant display & love

Nesting is taking the form of crafting this time around, feeling the urge to wrap up some half-done projects instead of oh, doing laundry or cleaning or anything actually useful.  Oh well.  Stay tuned for some more craft posts over the next couple of days.  

I fell hard for air plants this winter and ended up spending too much money buying a couple groups of them off of Ebay. It was so addicting though; both times the plants were shipped from clear across the country and arrived in perfect condition.  Both times the sellers included free plants too - I think one seller sent 5 free plants with my order!  So they're tiny but added up quickly.  I've been displaying them in little bottles and planters but really wanted one of those hanging frames I've seen on the internet - but was not willing to pay $50 for a frame with wire stapled to it.  We have plenty of chicken wire around here.  Today I finally made one!

The chicken wire is just stapled to the back of an antique frame with a staple gun and my husband hung the the whole thing on the porch with hooks.

The little plants are just tucked in the chicken wire.

I think it looks really great and modern on the porch.  It reminds me of a little science display.  We'll hang it inside in the fall.

The plants also look really beautiful glued to driftwood.  You can order special glue on-line but plant sites seem to agree on the E6000 Quickhold glue I got from Wal-Mart; the $3 tube is huge and will last forever.

These are the easiest plants I've ever owned.  All they need is a good soak once a week or so (I leave mine in a bucket of water overnight or pile them in the sink and let the little guy soak them down with the sprayer).  If it's a day I'm cleaning the fish talk I'll soak them in the fish water to fertilize them but that's it. 

I could see this getting out of hand quite easily. 


  1. That looks super neat! Like little urchins or sea creatures. I've got a granddaughter who would love those.

    1. Oh! Check out Etsy, some people glue these into sea urchin shells so they look like jelly fish or octopus. They're adorable!

  2. I purchased one last month, which I am loving, thanks for the notes on their care, I'm spraying mine with rain water. I popped a parcel in the post to you on Wednesday.

    1. It's been so hot here that mine really need a long soak as opposed to a spray. Don't we all sometimes.
      So excited for the package!