Thursday, June 14, 2018

Second-hand Thursday

Oh, treasures.  Let's see what "second hand but new to us"  wonders snuck in the house this week.

Saturday I got up early and went to two yard sales with really nice children's clothing.  I think there are 22 items here, including a winter coat, that were about 50 cents each. Really nice name brands and my total was $11.00.  This would have been a couple hundred dollars new.  Buying children's clothing new is so expensive and they grow out of it so quickly.  Plus, the one sale was full of "outdoorsy" stuff and there are several little camping/animal themed outfits here.  Adorable.

More books from out little local thrift store, 25 cents each.  I brought these home today and we've already read the pigeon book, the pet book, the cupcake book (twice) and the baby animals book (twice). 

This treasure was from the thrift store.  I saw it being dropped off and asked right off if I could buy it.  He absolutely adores his new "pirate castle" and has played with it every day.  It even took a trip to Grandma and Grandpa's house. $3.00

He loves it so much that the next day I stopped back in to ask the volunteers if they had found any of the knights or horses that would have came with it.  That was a mistake on my part.  This is the little local place.  I think the minimum age for volunteers is 85 years old and every one of them was confused by what I was asking.

Standing at the back of the store, this was my conversation with two of the volunteers:

"Hey, Bob! This lady is looking for a castle!"
"No, I bought it here yesterday. It was sitting outside and I bought it before it went out on the shelf. I was asking about the toys that came with it?"
"Has anyone seen the toy castle someone donated?"
"I didn't donate it - I bought it. It's at my house."
"I don't see a castle."
"I know. It was in this box here, but I bought it before it was put out on the floor. I was asking if any toys came with it?"
 "Well, if there were pieces missing, we would have thrown it out."
"You didn't throw it out, I bought it.  I was asking if you found any toy horses?"
"Well, since you're missing pieces, why don't you take this train set home with you? It's free."

(Pause. Me weighing the situation and deciding to just be polite and get the hell out of there.)

"Ok, great, thank you.  But I'd really like to pay you something for it."
"No, here, just take it.  Are you leaving now or do you have more shopping to do?"
"I'm leaving."
"OK, good.  Here take it and leave before Bob sees you."

Vintage Fisher Price circus set: free.  Don't tell Bob.

Small towns are so funny.  I don't know who Bob is, but if he's the incredibly nice gentleman that works the checkout counter I really don't think he would have cared.  In fact, thinking about it, maybe I should have just talked to him in the first place.  So I took the circus set home.  We already have one.  I figured I would just donate it back next week but it came with all of the circus animals and when I got ours out of the toy box I realized that the cars were different colors too.

So now we have a very large choo-choo with all of the animals. 

And lastly, my new favorite maternity shirt from my dear, sweet friend L, who always seems to intuitively know when I'm feeling down and need a little pick me up.  The baby dropped and none of my maternity clothes fit.  But this gift fits wonderfully and is soft and just long enough to cover a huge belly. 

What a bunch of blessings this week.


  1. We buy loads of 2nd hand toys for our grandson, we have a local facebook page, so they are always close by. Your lad does look happy with the fort.

    1. He loves it. We're not on Facebook but I know a lot of people love it for buying and selling.

  2. Your friend was brilliant! We never want to buy new Maternity clothes in the last few weeks but get so tired of the old ones. And I thrift shop all the time. For resale on ebay and for all our basic clothing, household needs. I scored an almost new Faberware food processor for $9 this week! (Don't tell Bob)

    1. She's wonderful:)
      I've seen your Ebay store, you must have some great thrift stores in your area!

  3. Ha! I can so visualize the interaction at the thrift store. My mother (only 78 years old, mind you) was volunteering the Thursday you were there and completely vouches for your rendition of events. I asked her to watch for any castle toys. Small town blessings!

    1. Oh, boy I got caught talking about the locals :) I told this story to another friend and her mom volunteers there as well!