Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Postage stamp craft, a false alarm & freezing produce

Another little project finished.  A wooden "H" for the kids' room, decoupaged with stamps.  This was actually finished awhile ago but this week it finally got a hanger put on the back so it can go on the wall.  I love it and plan on making a second one, maybe in green.  It took sooo many stamps to cover all of the curves and surfaces but was so much fun.  

Oh, stamps.  So much fun.

We had a bit of a day yesterday.  I was positive I was in early labor for, oh, hours.  I had been to the doctor that morning.  The signs were all there and it got progressively worse as the day went on.  We put the family on high alert, got the place ready and packed hospital bags.  I went to bed having light contractions and when we woke up this morning... nothing.  At all.  I checked under the blankets for a baby but... no.  I feel totally normal.  40 weeks pregnant normal but normal still.

So we had to call everyone and say "oops, not yet".

The little man has taken to hugging my belly and yelling "come out, baby!" into my belly button.

So, when you're feeling totally miserable and your husband is rushing around trying to get the place ready, what do you do?  You waddle around pulling things from the garden and freezing them.

Four small bags of snow peas for winter stir-frys.  I blanched these 90 seconds.

Stripped all of the "mostly ripe" currants off the bush and froze them.  I think we're going to get another currant bush, maybe a black one. These are delicious and we're starting to get nice harvests now.

Big handfuls of greens; chard, kale and orach.  Blanched 60 seconds.  We loved using these last winter.

What happens when I don't crop my belly out of pictures :)

So the next big thing I'd like to wrap up around here is this whole baby incubation project. We all can't wait to meet our little guy.


  1. My daughter wants me to cover a W for Wills bedroom, I have fabric left over from his wigwam, so it all matches.

    1. I love that project you did.
      Wonder if you soaked the fabric in some sort of adhesive if you could just stretch and shape it over the form?