Thursday, June 28, 2018

Io moth, borage, garden harvest

Look who stopped by today! 

 Isn't it gorgeous? We leave the front porch light on at night and it was resting on the siding this morning.

Tiny pocket-sized Golden Guide circa 1964. 

We've owned a couple of the large, expensive Peterson field guides over the years and I swear these little Golden Guides are all the average person will ever need.  Plus, the illustrations!

Not only is it an Io moth but a lady one at that. If she grew up eating corn she must have traveled from the farm up the road, no roses here.  I always assumed that cornfield was sprayed within an inch of everyone's lives but maybe not. 

I put her in this pot for the day, away from any spider webs.

Random picture of Borage in the fava beans. Plant Borage once and it comes back forever. Everywhere. Happily it's beautiful and pollinators love it.

Picked this morning: double handful of green beans, some snow peas, fava beans and a huge pile of kale (already in the freezer).  There's so much kale out there and the bugs haven't gotten to it *quite* yet.  Sadly, deer have been eating the most of the chard regularly. Even so I think I'm going to be able to freeze all of the organic greens we can eat this winter for the cost of two cheap seed packets, which seems a small miracle.

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