Saturday, June 9, 2018

Favorite lunch; white beans with kale, chard & eggs

White beans with greens, anchovies and egg. Good with a glass of dry white wine or iced tea, depending on pregnancy status.

It seemed fitting to follow up yesterday's post with one of my favorite dishes.  I was out in the garden earlier this week, looking at all of the greens coming up and thinking about what to do for lunch.  Then it occurred to me that it was an odd day when everyone else in my family was occupied and I could make whatever I wanted.  This is one of my absolute favorite meals to eat and I used to hand out this recipe when we sold vegetables at the Farmer's Market. 

This dish is restaurant quality and costs me about 30 cents to make.

Put a glug of olive oil in a deep sauce pan and start cooking a chopped chili, minced garlic and a couple of anchovy filets.  (Please don't skip the anchovies, they add the most amazing flavor, Caesar salad is popular for a reason).  

While those are cooking, wash and chop a big handful of sturdy greens (kale, orach, chard, spinach) and add to the pan.  Watch out for caterpillars on the kale leaves; ugh.  In the spirit of Anthony Bourdain I guess those caterpillars are technically protein so that's your call.  We feed them to the chickens.

When the leaves are wilted add about 1/3 a can of white beans along with some of the liquid from the can and give it a good stir.  Throw in a handful of leftover cooked grains if you have any.  When it's good and bubbling poach a couple of eggs right in there.

Toss it all on a plate and top with Parmesan cheese and a handful of panko crumbs.

Between the eggs and the beans this dish makes its own luscious sauce.  You get heat from the chili and a savory depth from the anchovies.  It's honestly just incredible, one of those meals that my body reacts to in a primal way.  Like every cell is rejoicing because what I'm eating is so full of vitamins and goodness.

Being able to produce a good meal from a handful of humble ingredients is a skill I feel blessed to have and one I hope I can teach my children well.

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