Friday, September 15, 2017

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So proud of the garden this year. It's the nicest it's ever looked, with the least amount of work ever put into it. I have the time to go out there about once a week and it's rewarding total neglect at this point.  We're getting a ton of tomatoes and it's time to start closing up shop: start making pesto, drying herbs, freezing peppers, those kinds of things. 

Probably Sunday I am going to move the geese into this part of the garden to assist with cleanup:

The garden poultry pasture.  At the end of July it looked like a barren moonscape.  It really recovered and there's some butternut squash in there, turnips, buckwheat and weeds.  I'm going to chuck the geese into it so they can take advantage of the free feed and I can take advantage of the help.

It's been cooler this week which has motivated me to get into the kitchen more.  It's been fun.

The little man's favorite thing to say right now is "Stir it up!"  So we did.  We made banana bread together.  He had a great time pouring, spooning and stirring. For like a solid hour.  Success was questionable going into the oven but they were delicious. 

This week also saw a venison loin with mixed grains, winter squash and pears.

Always a favorite: breakfast for dinner.  Potatoes from the garden, our eggs, tomatoes cooked in butter and herbs until they collapsed.

Homegrown rooster basted with pumpkin beer.  The sugars in the beer really helped get a nice crisp to the skin.

Canned a few jars of pears.

While they were processing we learned how to use the jar lifters.

What else.... The meat chicks are three weeks old and needed to get out of the wading pool brooder in my garage.  Actually they WERE getting out if it, that was the problem.  Running around and pooping all over the garage.  The chicken tractor still needs predator-proofed and it hasn't gotten done.   My dad, God bless him, heroically offered to grow them out for me at his place for the next couple weeks to take some weight off of my shoulders.

Meatballs on the cross-town move.  If you ever get the urge to cram 16 chickens into the back of a Honda CRV, don't.  The smell is horrifying.  The white ones are Cornish Cross, there are three Dark Cornish in there and an Easter Egger the company threw in for shipping box for free.  Really hoping that little Easter Egger is a hen.  It has grey legs and a pea comb; both signs for carrying a blue egg-laying gene.

Fall is creeping up on us.  It was a beautiful misty morning today.

I think my son's "pet" garden spider died.  She was huge and laid two massive egg cases, now she's disappeared.  One of the cases has hatched.  There are tiny spiders.  Isn't this pretty much what happened in Charlotte's Web?  He's going to be so sad when he notices she's gone.

Exciting news: I'M GOING TO FARM-AID TOMORROW!  Can I shout that from the coop-top? FARM-AID! Willie Nelson! Seed Swaps! Workshops! Local food! WILLIE NELSON!!!!

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