Thursday, September 21, 2017

Canning bruschetta, getting ready for fall

It's the end of September and I need to start closing up shop for the year.  Knowing how much work is out there and how little free time there is, I've decided to just do one thing every day.  It doesn't matter how small it is, but hopefully those things will add up.  There are still things to can, dry, freeze and butcher.  I'm going to put in a cover crop for the first time (winter rye) and the plan is to sow  some seeds whenever I pull a section of plants.  Lord knows that's probably about the only way it will get done; one hand handful at a time.

This week so far I've canned 7 jelly jars and 1 pt bruschetta.  I use these directions here from the Ball site.

This comes together quickly and is so handy to have around.  My favorite thing to do with it is to add it to a pot of mac n cheese along with Old Bay and shrimp.  It also makes a really good pasta dish if you've only caught one or two panfish.  The fish is poached in the bruschetta and flaked up, a little butter added and the whole bit tossed into noodles.  

I've taken up some of the beans and frozen them along with all of the jalapeno peppers. Also baked down a big winter squash.

Added the waterfowl to the center section of the garden to eat some greens and fertilize it.  The idea was to just put the geese in and that's what I did.  They were unhappy and confused.  The ducks were unhappy and confused.  The bitching and moaning got so loud that I carried the ducks over too.  While geese don't enjoy being picked up and carried, I've found that ducks always seem kind of delighted by it.  Everyone seems much happier together.  I've seen the geese eating greens and the ducks eating bugs but I can't tell so far if they're making much of a dent or just squashing all of the plants down with their fat little feet.  

On the agenda for today: if the little guy naps; butchering quail, if not; making and freezing a big batch of pesto.


  1. We have had our grandson for a few hours, mummy has taken him home, so time for our nap.