Monday, June 5, 2017

Rainy weekend, eating our greens

It's rained quite a bit here over the last couple of days. My father brought his tractor over with the tiller attachment and took care of my garden, and I was able to get everything in before the rains started so they were actually a blessing.

Standing to the porch, watching it pour.

We've been eating very well from the spring side of the garden, mostly enjoying cooked greens with shallots, garlic and yes, a tiny bit of bacon.  Here's what we've been cooking:

Tatsoi.  This didn't germinate well and there are just a handful of plants.

Swiss chard.  Love this stuff.

Orach.  First time growing it and will probably plant it again next year because it is an easy keeper and the colors are amazing.

Broccoli Raab.  Another new plant this year and we love it.  Absolutely grow again.

Spinach, always a hit.

This is pretty much the dish I've been making in various forms.  Greens, shallot, garlic and paprika cooked with a bit of bacon.  Mixed with rice and either shrimp or chicken.

After the rain finally stopped we were able to get out for a Sunday drive to check out a couple of State Park campsites near us.   We're really blessed to live an area with so many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.  It will be interesting to see how our first camping trip with the little guy goes.  


  1. Love what you've been eating. I've tried the rabbin the past but never got it to grow. How far apart did you space it?

    1. Well.. The seeds were direct sown about a foot apart with maybe 6 seeds per spot.... The I never got around to thinning them. So it's like a sea of it but they seem to be really thriving. This is such a tasty vegetable I think I learned about on your blog? It's really not grown here at all.

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