Friday, June 9, 2017

Bicycle ride at the lake, salad days & incubation notes


We didn't go camping yesterday due to a hitch with the hitch so we took our first bicycle ride as a family, at a nearby lake that has a wonderful paved bike path.  It will be nice to have an active hobby for all of us to enjoy outside.  Riding will take some getting used to.  My only time on a bike within the last 10 years was on a beach vacation - a horsefly the size of a pony landed on my arm and I freaked out and wrecked the bike flailing at it.  So it's been a bit nerve-wracking to learn to be riding again. 

We got a tow behind cart for the little guy.  We thought he'd be super excited about riding but he was pretty indifferent to the whole activity and mostly concerned with his little bag of goldfish crackers and sharing his new word for bicycle: "try-cool".

He did enjoy pushing it around the parking lot. 

A beautiful evening at the lake.

Perfect for wading.

We had really nice salads for lunch today.  From the yard: lettuce, eggs, asparagus, wild strawberries.  Also hard salami and parmesan. 

Notes for my records:
  • I put 40 Quail eggs into incubator on 6/5 so I need to put them in lockdown 6/20 with a possible hatch date of 6/23. One of the quail laid an all blue egg yesterday??
  • The broody red ranger hen has been sitting faithfully on 12 eggs since 5/31.  Still need to move her to a private coop.  Possible hatch date of 6/21. One egg broke under her early on, cleaned up as soon as I caught it.  


  1. I have a lovely bike, in the garage, one day I might use it. Lovely post.

    1. Thanks Marlene. Looks like you might be able to fit a bike in your camper van?

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