Friday, June 30, 2017

Our week in pictures

Oh, what happened this week? I love blogging because it gives me a chance to actually pause and think about that question instead of saying "oh, not much".  Also, it's good to record this stuff in case I ever need to produce an alibi.

Well, the weather's been crazy - cool then HOT with random downpours all week.  Tuesday, I think it was, we actually had a hailstorm.

Holy hail, people! Wish the little guy could have seen it but he was napping at the time.

Wednesday I sold these two runner ducks through Craigslist.  They were picked up by a dad and his daughter who actually have a group of runner ducks, but the drake was killed by a raccoon.  So now these two will have their own harem of ladies.  If they were ladies I would have kept them but they were dudes, so off they go. And if the family was lying and actually was going to eat them, they were very expensive sandwiches.  I think it's safe to say they weren't getting butchered.

Wednesday evening was a Thai cooking class with some friends.  We had a lovely time and the food was delicious.  A shrimp curry, coconut rice, pineapple mango salsa and cucumber salad.  Ironically, the cucumber salad was made the exact way my grandparents used to make it and they were not Thai.  My grandfather's people were from eastern Europe and my grandmother is southern.  Hmm.  Maybe cucumber salad is just one of those universal foods?

Today I saw something I've never seen before, which is always a treat.  Went to the feed store where I found this beauty as I was waiting for my feed to be loaded.  It was HUGE and very fuzzy.  Google tells me that it's an Imperial Moth.

Went to some yard sales on the way to the feed store and came home with treasures (in my opinion anyway).

This woven rug was free at an Amish sale.  Was going to put it in the camper but maybe the kitchen?  The colors are lovely.

Be still my heart.  This is getting packed away until the the little guy is older.  Oh, I am in love.

All of the rain and heat has been good for the gardens.  Here are some pictures

Onions, potatoes, squash, brussel sprouts, cannas, toddler.

Fava beans - when am I supposed to pick these???  The beans inside are still tiny.

The rest of the vegetable garden is only creeping along but we'll get there. I need to remind myself that everything got planted later this year and to be patient. Things will grow.

Except for possibly my beans and peppers which were partially eaten by deer last night. We have 5 acres and they have nothing better to do than eat my transplants. Damn deer. I will remember this offence when it's time to buy a hunting license. 

Does anyone know what the beautiful silver plant is on the right?  It's a perennial and does not flower.  Not lavender but kind of looks like it.

Hostas.  They're so pretty.

The little guy just woke up so time to hit "post".  Here's to another week ahead.


  1. Our weather is much the same, the rain was much needed.

    1. We've had loads of it this month with another storm last night. Everything looks really lush.

  2. Looks like you had a great week. The hostas young shoots are edible! I love globes and world maps as well, always been a little obessed with them, we have one in the living room with a pon for everywhere we've visited (map not globe ).
    Your broad beans (or fava as you call them) look nearly ready. Just when the beans inside are a big enough size t eat. Too big and they go a bit tough, better when young and tender.

    1. I had NO idea the hostas were edible, that would be fun to try.
      Thanks for the advice on the broad beans - tried some yesterday and they were EXCELLENT. I wonder if we have time for a second planting, will have to order more seeds in.