Thursday, August 11, 2016

Yard sale days & produce sale

So, my family is having a yard sale starting tomorrow.  A good opportunity to clean out some of the junk that accumulates over the years.  I have been trying, very hard, to weed through our things Marie Kondo style and pare down over the last few years. I was a bit of a hoarder.  But I am also the descendant of frugal farm people who survived the Depression so I don't believe in just tossing stuff out.  Most things have a purpose, or will bring someone else joy.  The marketable things go to Ebay and the not-so-much to the local thrift store.  Either way; someone else gets a new treasure and we free up some space in the house. 

So I took a car-load of things over to my parent's house.  Then I came home and did my evening routine.  Tomatoes are coming on. Why not?  I used to set up at the farmer's market every week.  And I miss it.  Very much.

I'm going to take these over tomorrow along with some fresh basil and cilantro.  Maybe I can pick a few more things tomorrow morning. 

I love these Rose Finn potatoes.  They're a French heirloom and sliced paper-thin and sautéed in oil they are perfect with eggs.  So anything that doesn't sell by noon will become lunch.  Anyone who doesn't see the potential in that for $1.50 doesn't deserve them anyway.


  1. Gemma & I love the blog!!! Although, we might be just a little biased, heehee.

    1. Hey! Hello there! Thanks, and give little Gemma a hug for me!

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    1. But we are drawing the line at folding underwear, right?? That's crazy.