Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Turkeys - gone. Revenge is going to be juicy & delicous.

So, the little group of chicks? We had to leave town again and when we got back another one had gone missing but when I let the family out to roam there were still two chicks with mom.  The demolished building site next door is being buttoned up today so little man and I went outside after lunch to look at the progress.  We apparently got outside just in time to catch the culprits in action.  Who was it killing the chicks? Turkeys. Yeah. The effin' turkeys were tearing apart a chick right in front of me while the mom chicken was running around screaming.

To say I went blind with rage is an understatement.  There aren't even words to describe. I chased them down, picked them up and heaved them both over the fence into the south end of the garden.  Where the assholes are probably currently eating my tomatoes. Fine, let them.

They're going to be butchered tonight.  At two months early, the yield is going to be pathetic but I don't even care.  These two were destined for holiday dinners when I bought them, but they will still make sandwiches.  I will put up with a lot crap but this crosses the line.

Yes, they are just being turkeys. Yes, all poultry will eat anything small that moves; mice, snakes whatever.  Yes, this was a complete rookie mistake on my part.  I own that.  I will say that I have tossed together all ages and kinds of poultry for years without any kind of incident.  Fine. Lesson learned. But they don't get the privilege of sticking around anymore.

I'm thinking the breasts are going to be for sandwiches and the rest made into ground turkey - possibly some sausage patties.  And they're going to taste delicious.


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