Monday, August 22, 2016

A day at the Crawford County Fair

We spent yesterday evening at the Crawford County Fair.  There is a spectacular variety of animals on display every year and it's so much fun to go see all of the different breeds and "window shop" for the fantasy farm.  Our little man had saw lots of things yesterday that he had never seen before.  I can't even imagine what that must be like; to see an object that is totally foreign to you and you have no context for mentally.  Then to try to process it.  It's fair to say his mind was totally blown. Repeatedly.

WHAT IS THAT !?!? Pointing at an American Buff goose.

The poultry barn was fantastic, and my favorite part of the fair every year.  We got there as the poultry were being judged.  This involves being taken out of their cages, placed upon a table and poked and prodded by a white-coat judge in front of an audience.  I could only think that would end in a bloodbath if I tried that here.  There were trophies for the winners that had tiny gold chickens on the tops.  If anyone in my family is reading this - a vintage one would make a spectacular Christmas gift for yours truly. 

How handsome is he? 

Look at the comb and waddles on this gentleman.  Wow!

Moving on to the rabbit barn.  There is a hand-painted sign outside that says "No Balloons" and shows an image of a presumably dead rabbit on its back with four tiny feet in the air.  I don't know why I find this funny; it's really not.

For years we had house rabbits and a well-socialized rabbit will run to greet people, eat snacks while watching TV and basically act like a small dog.  I always wonder if the animals at the fair are totally bored all week or if they look forward to fair week as a vacation where they hang out with other animals and are fed tidbits of corn dogs.

Bored?  Happy? Ate too much? Who can tell?

Little man had never seen a rabbit, goat, cow or horse up close and personal before yesterday.  He loved the rabbits.  With the larger animals he would do this thing where he would turn his back and cling to me.  Thus comforted, he would feel brave enough to peek at whatever animal he was trying to "figure out".  For some reason, the goats were especially intimidating. 

I noticed that most of the goats being shown had names like "Petunia", "Daisy Petal" etc.  How about "Kabob" or "Curry"?  

Lastly, would you just look at this vintage camper?

 This is a terrible picture, but I kinda had to do a drive-by photo because I didn't want to seem like a creep standing there taking pictures.  Although I'm sure the person who owned it would have loved to talk about it.  Maybe 16ft long. Two doors!  Look at the paint! It's a Utopia Panoramic and I'm not finding much information about them on-line.  It's gorgeous. 

Hooray for the fair!

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