Tuesday, June 21, 2016

What to do with that buttermilk...

I was staring into the refridgerator yesterday and trying to figure out what I could do with the half quart of buttermilk that's been sitting there.  I'm not sure why I bought it?  Or long it's been there? It smelled fine and the "use by" date wasn't until today... and we also needed bread.  A quick google gave me this recipie.  It was the first one that came up in the search and it had good ratings.

I followed the recipe more or less.  As in I didn't really measure anything and I couldn't find the ground ginger so I grated fresh.  Oh, my goodness.  Is this amazing!  Really, really good.  I only made one loaf, which was a mistake.  It will be gone within a day. This recipe will be taped on the refrigerator and go into regular rotation.

I used this vintage baking dish.  It's got a "W" on this lid, I assume it was made by Westinghouse?  I wonder if it was included when you bought an appliance?  Or did they sell bake ware?  I should probably pick up another one of these as backup next time I see one at a garage sale.

The bread is so amazing, I'll have to take a look around her site and see what else I might want to try.  I will say that the directions were super confusing even for someone who bakes a lot.  I could see how it might be hard for someone to follow who isn't familiar with bread baking.  "Put dry ingredients in mixer bowl.  Add wet ingredients.  Turn mixer on."  Might have been better.  Also, the white sugar seemed redundant so I omitted it.  I left the lid on the bread for the first 15 so it could proof and then took it off for the last 15.  So good! Who cares if it's 90 degrees today? Let's bake!

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