Thursday, June 23, 2016

Done, done, done. Almost

The vegetable garden is finally in. About 45x65 this year including the strip in the back - 5 kinds of winter squash planted back there.  On the far left (dirt) today I put in amaranth, "Bloody Butcher" dent corn, lima beans, more herbs and carving pumpkins for the kids.

Overhead shot taken from upstairs window.  

Only a month late, the last of it got finished today.  Well, almost.  I still have a sweet corn "Country Gentleman" that needs to be put in to the right of the pine tree, behind the snow peas..  However, it is humid and I can take no more of the tiller at the moment and the tiller can take more of me I'm sure.  Yesterday I did this when I wasn't paying attention for .5 seconds.


Through the weeds and up the fence.  It was terrible.  To make things worse, it was the first time I was actually trusted to do the tilling myself.  I suspect other people suspect I might cut a foot off or something.  I messed with it for awhile then just cut a whole section of the fence out and took everything into the shade to deal with.  It ended up being very easy to deal with but now the fence needs patched.  So, enough for today.  It looks like we're going to get a nice storm here shortly anyway.  What the heck, it will all get done eventually, right?