Monday, June 20, 2016

Outside this morning

A pot of herbs outside the back door.  Parsley, sage & thyme.

Our little dogwood tree is so beautiful this year.  Little man for scale.

The south end of the garden.  Lettuce & kale, carrots, onions,  cabbage, beans, snow peas.  Rhubarb and asparagus.  Look at all of the potatoes! Volunteer sunflowers and glads.  Mulched the paths with straw left from the coldframe.  The poultry "helped" by picking through it for seeds all winter and adding fertilizer.

The poultry "nursery" house in the middle of the garden.  Momma hen and her duckling are in here now.  After a couple of weeks, they'll move back to the big yard with everyone else and the turkey will live in this house for the summer.  The poultry pasture was new to the garden this year and looks to be a big hit.

Poultry pasture. This area was sown with a mix of alfalfa, clover and whatever expired seeds I had tucked away (mustard, kale, turnip) that I thought poultry would eat.  Also, buckwheat for the bees and nasturtums for good looks.  I'm hoping the tukeys will enjoy it.  Any bald areas you see are where I planted canna bulbs.  They'll look pretty, and poultry love, love, love japanese beetles.  Which love canna.  So hopefully it will be a self-serve thing instead of me hand-picking the bugs (ew) and feeding them like I do every other year.

The currants are coming on.

And the wild strawberries are still giving us snacks.

 And these little guys are getting cuter every day.  Still no homes for the 4 of them plus mama.  I call the shelter every Tuesday to check.  

Time to get started with the day.  Bread is rising, little man and I are going to hit the post office and maybe the thrift store and then more Ebay listings.  


  1. I know. I've "named" the fat grey one Little Chubs. But. I. Cannot. Keep. Them. Or I will be living in the camper.