Tuesday, March 3, 2020

A weekend away

My sister and her husband took the kids for an overnight so my husband and I could go to Cleveland for the evening. The kids were super duper excited to have a sleepover with their cousins (people to play with! the library! Ice cream for breakfast!) and didn't miss us a bit.  As in they were too busy playing to even want to talk with us on the phone when we called later.

We stayed at the Glidden House on University Circle again. The picture above is the view from our room.
It was lovely.

Dinner at L'Albatros right on the same block. We both had the the scallops with this pate starter. It was delicious but we've been there a couple of times now and might try somewhere else for dinner at our next stay. It was a memorable dinner in that there was a couple at the next table over that was just ridiculous and impossible to ignore as they were 3 feet away from us. The husband's behavior included waiving his napkin in the air at the waiter, sending his duck back twice and getting into an argument with the chef about the doneness of his meal. His argument was that he wanted it medium rare and it was undercooked. Twice, allegedly.

Him to the chef : "... and the IRONY is that I was asked how I wanted this prepared!"
The chef: "Sir, if this were cooked any more it would be WELL DONE" (Turns and stalks away)

Then he "helpfully" pointed out that the basalmic reduction masked the taste of the duck. Or it could be, you know, that apparently he liked it cooked like a well-done pork chop.

So of course whenever we were asked about our meals we used words like "perfect"  and "delicious " peppered with lots of "please"s and "thank you"s. They could have served me burnt coffee and I would have raved over it.

But we had a lovely dinner and it was so nice to be out with my husband. After 15 years we still really like each other.

We went to the art museum which was having a show of Tiffany lamps. I wondered if the one in the center had the original base because the shade is a scene of daffodils while the base is a grouping of crabs. It really doesn't make sense.  The lamps were so pretty and there was a big window on display that came from a Cleveland mansion.

We didn't have much time but were able to enjoy ourselves. We considered going to symphony but it didn't work out. Maybe next time.

Breakfast Sunday morning was included. This hotel is the best.

It was really nice to get out of town for a weekend.  I wish we could do it more as we all really enjoy these little trips.

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