Monday, March 9, 2020

Sick day from hell and other stuff

Bee, #1 nursemaid

Today was a sick day from hell. I woke up at 3 a.m. running for a trash can and for the next 12 hours that's all I did besides sleeping, sometimes on the bathroom floor. Nothing makes a person think "wow, this bathroom needs cleaned" like having your cheek pressed against the cool but filthy marble tile. With a cat patting your cheek to make sure you're still breathing. That cat was Elyse so believe me it wasn't out of concern for my well-being but rather she was checking to see if food would be dispensed today or did she need to start chewing on my dead body.  I can't remember a sick day that bad, ever, and can only think that I picked up some kind of stomach bug somewhere. Or food poisoning.  Yuck.  What a wasted day. I'm feeling better but for a sore tummy and a headache from being dehydrated. My husband was an absolute blessing taking care of me and the littles.

Today was a beautiful day here and my husband got the kids outside to play for a good bit of it. The crocus are blooming all over the yard in purple, white and yellow.  The birds are laying like crazy.

Unfortunately they have been laying everywhere, like here under the neighbors pine tree.  This is a time when having a preschooler to send in is very helpful.  But I fooled them by putting up a tiny 3 foot fence surrounding the big 5 1/2  foot one. They can't figure out how to hop over it so for now I am smarter than a chicken. 

Should probably figure out a place to sell these things.  We can't eat or give away as many as we are getting.

This postcrossing card came in the mail today from Connecticut.

And this lovely one last week from Finland.

The maple syrup project was supposed to be wrapped up today. God willing I'll be able to finish it tomorrow. There is one more pan to finish and then I need to can the jars to seal them.  We should end up with about 2.5 gallons of maple syrup.  

Here is to a better day tomorrow, the bar hasn't been set all that high.

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  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better, it does take every bit of energy.