Thursday, March 12, 2020

Still sick, the town is apparently panicked

First off, I want to say that I lied when I called Monday the sick day from hell, although I didn't know it at the time. Tuesday night the baby threw up for 9 hours straight. The only way the poor guy could sleep or find comfort was by laying across my chest.  While all that was going on.  You can imagine the state we were in by morning, along with a pile of towels and the entire living room.  He woke up bright eyed, talking away and demanding a cup of milk.  Then the oldest also got sick, only slightly,  but now today he and my husband are both seriously sick. So today is a tie for Tuesday and we are such a mess that I just sat down and cried at one point. The pediatrician said that they're seeing this bug going around right now and we just have to wait it out. And that it could take about 5 days to get over.

In addition to our illness, shit is getting weird around town with people panicking about coronavirus. Before the day went downhill I went to Aldi and Walmart. Both were very busy. Lots of people were clearly stockpiling staples at both stores. For example the woman behind me in line with 30 lbs of coffee, about a dozen containers of disinfectant wipes and 7 bottles of toilet bowl cleaner.  I mean, if things get so bad that you really do require that much toilet bowl cleaner maybe just give up. These were some of the scenes from Walmart:

This is where the toilet paper should be. There is NO toilet paper left.  

And here is where the handsoap is.  Or was. When my in-laws dropped off supplies this evening they said the thermometer section was also cleared out. 
We are stocking up, within reason I guess, on some simple canned meals that the kids like. If worse comes to worse we can bake bread and walk outside a butcher a chicken.*

* I wrote this before the oldest started getting sick again. Clearly I need to be stocking up on paper towels and laundry detergent if I like it or not. My dad also brought over two bags of paper products for us.  If anyone local is reading this you can still find supplies at Dollar General. 

I did have some fun things to post about but tomorrow is another day. Everyone is resting peacefully thank God.


  1. Hope you are all starting to feel better, it's the same in UK. I can't understand the stockpiling of toilet rolls.

    1. Me either. It's a bit bizarre. How much can one household use?

  2. Oh boy! It sounds as if you all have been/are going through some tough times! I've heard dollar general is the place to get supplies. Thankfully we always have a small backlog of items on hand. And we live in a really small town so things haven't hit here quite like other places. Schools are closing though. I hope you have a better time of it soon!

    1. We are also a tiny and things are closing left and right. Take care and stay healthy!