Friday, February 28, 2020

Suprise chick

Well, this took an unexpected turn. Remember the clutch of eggs found in the shed? 

The eggs are in the basement and have been puttering along at well under my normal incubation temperatures. They were candled a couple of days ago and none looked even remotely close to hatching. I went down tonight after dinner to start laundry, take the egg turner out and lay the eggs on their sides... figuring they'd hatch Sunday or Monday.  And found this little cutie pie. All fluffy and peeping.

Not gonna lie.. I yelped. Very loudly. Might have been a shriek. We are scheduled to be out of town for the weekend so immediately called up my dad asking for a *big* favor. Could he set up his brooder? Like, tonight? Ah, fate. Well, any chicks hatched by tomorrow a.m.*  will be driven across town for a little vacation and the rest will be fine until we get back.  Life works this way sometimes I suppose.

* Edit to add that I just candled the eggs and there are 4 or 5 more that have pipped internally; I can see little beaks. The lone fluffy chick is peeping constantly which triggers the other eggs to hatch. We'll see what the morning brings us...


  1. How exciting, and lovely to watch tiny balls of fluff grow, your boys must love it.

  2. This is a cute little surprise. I am just loving the little chick. Welcome to earth chick baby !!! �� Sometimes God sents some amazement just to make us feel joy. Hope to see other chicks too hatching up soon. Do post some lovely pics of the chick babies. Take care.

  3. I can relate so much to this post because I rear chickens at home. I am also passionate about farming and gardening. I often let nature take it's course with the hatching process. Most of the time, I miss it when it happens.