Tuesday, February 18, 2020


I joined Postcrossing last week because I love sending things to people through the mail and also it would be nice to recieve something in our mailbox besides junk mail and bills.  Postcrossing is a postcard exchange program for people all over the world and works like so:

Not like this as my sister suggested:

You get to make a profile of things about yourself and what kind of cards you'd like to recieve. Most people are interested in seeing and hearing about what life is like in another part of the world. So far I've mailed 6 postcards out. One of the ones that went to Germany has been logged into the Postcrossing system so now I'll be in line to get a card from someone. It's proving to be a very cheap fun thing to do. The hardest part was finding a store that still sold local postcards. The News Depot had a tiny rack of cards, 5 for $1, none of Greenville but of places close enough. Here are the cards sent:

The covered bridge went to Russia and the spillway card to Texas.

The vintage kittens to Finland, another covered bridge card off to the Netherlands and an art card to Germany.

 Today I made and  sent this one to a woman in Germany who likes handmade cards and is a stamp collector.

It's fun to read the other person's profile, pick out a card and then use the tiny space available to talk about your life and shared interests.

The only person who ever has access to your address is the one who randomly got your name emailed to them by the Postcrossing system.  Considering no one has any privacy left in this day and age Postcrossing seems much less invasive than Google driving around photographing everyone's homes. Or the fact that you can know anything about anyone now with no effort. That being said if you don't hear from me I've probably run off with a rich Nigerian prince.


  1. My eldest daughter collected postcards all through her childhood, and was always excited when one arrived in the post for her. Friends would always send her a card when on holiday. We had a map of the world on her bedroom wall and marked where all the cards came from, her aim was to get a card from every country, which sadly never happened.

    1. This is such a great idea to do the wall map. Maybe Postcrossing is something she'd enjoy now? Today I am mailing a card to Japan.