Thursday, February 20, 2020

Geese laying, incubation, sap and a book

The geese started laying this week. This is the third year in a row they've started laying the week after Valentine's Day. Apparently love is in the air.  They've made a nest inside the chicken coop again, which is never going to work out so I'll try to convince them to set up shop elsewhere. 

After I found the nest of eggs in the shed I decided to plug in the incubator downstairs in the basement instead of in the kitchen like usual because now that we have a microwave there is no room. Could not get it up to temperature. From what I could tell the problem could be a couple of things and to try to fix it would not have been cheap to figure it out.  So the husband kindly suggested we order a new one.

I can't get this one above 100 either which leaves me to think... that the problem is simply the cold basement  *slaps hand against forehead * But 100 degrees is better than nothing and 9 eggs look nicely developed. We don't need any more chickens. If they hatch I'll probably just find someone to give them to. Incubating is fun.

We have close to 40 gallons of sap sitting in tubs outside, with a couple of nice warm days ahead of us promising more. Using the big rubbermaid tubs is so much nicer than scrambling for containers every day.

This is what the porch looked like last year.

Our book club met on Monday. It was the first time I've been in months and had a great time. However Sunday night was fun as I figured out that I was reading the wrong book. Haha, oops. I was reading The Yellow House a story of a woman growing up in Ireland circa 1910. Everyone else was reading The Yellow House a new bestselling memoir of a woman living in New Orleans.  We all had a good laugh about it. Especially because I'm really enjoying "the wrong book" and none of them like the "right one".

I got a cheap copy off of ebay to finish so this one can get back to the library. 

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