Saturday, September 21, 2019

Weaving a basket & Fall films

Our new egg basket.

The little public library in town has started hosting craft classes once a month and September was basket making.  A dear friend signed up with me and today we spent 3 hours learning how to weave a small basket.  10 minutes into the project, I was in love.  30 minutes in, I wanted to flush it down the toilet.  But we persevered.  We had a great visit.  We wove.  We unwove mistakes and wove some more.  

The weaving was supposed to be tight.  I went "rustic".

Here it is, done!  It was also supposed to be square.  Oh well, it is a project finished!  It's so cute and will replace the plastic sand bucket we currently gather eggs in.

Speaking of which, the colors on this are horrible but our little Leghorn hen has started laying and for the first time we have white eggs in our tray! Yay!

Fall is here.  Yesterday I got out the cast iron corn bread pan that belonged to my great-grandmother in Alabama.  We baked a batch of pumpkin scones that did not come from scratch but rather a pre-mix bag bought at T.J. Maxx.  The kids think they are the best treat ever.

After dinner my father stopped by to visit with my uncle from out of town.  It was a good visit, with the oldest acting crazy excited.  Later I took the baby on a "please go to sleep" ride around Greenville.  Stopped at a red light downtown and one of my favorite Fall songs came on the radio: Head over Heels by Tears for Fears  I love it because it's from one of my favorite Halloween movies, Donnie Darko, a big ol' dream sequence, which for some reason I find to be a comforting film.  So there I was at the red light, singing loudly, dancing in my seat, literally waving my hands around all Sparkle Motion style when I happened to look to the left of me... to see that a group of men leaving Paxton's dinor were standing right next to me by their motorcycles.  Staring. It was mortifying. And kinda funny.

The other favorite fall movies around here are the 1962 film Carnival of Souls (so creepy) and the 1955 film Night of the Hunter (pretty but also creepy).

Fall is here.  And not a moment too soon.  I am so ready for a change of season.


  1. I will morn summer for a bit longer, yesterday was our last sunny and warm day, unless we get lucky. We are expecting rain most days this week.

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  3. I've always wanted to learn basket weaving and chair caning. I think your basket looks perfect! And yay to having a new egg basket that you handmade!